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MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
Blake (Baton Rouge, US)
Awesome stick

This stick is everything it is advertised to be. Love the functionality of the stick and attachments. Will probably add more attachments as I go. Perfect walking stick for hiking in the woods.

T-Shape Handle
Blake (Baton Rouge, US)
Very strong handle

This handle is a must have to add to your stick. Strong as the stick ,very well made and a awesome handle

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
Margaret Bakic (Mukwonago, US)
Walking stick

Bought as a birthday gift. He loves it. Quality is y

Trekking Pole Bottom
M.B. (Marion, US)
Great on the trails.

The grip is much better and allows for better traction.

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
Mcanzo3 (Panama City Beach, US)

Excellent overall stick!!! Multiple uses, handy every day applications and great outdoor use. Extremely happy with this tool, a must for anyone who goes outdoors!

Trekking Pole Bottom
Michael Brown (Marion, US)
Lot more stable with this bottom.

Like the added width of this item.

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
Shari Mattos (Phoenix, US)
I love this stick. Use it everyday hiking on my mountain

I love the knives and the flashlight. Might buy the shovel. Lots of options and although a bit heavier than my other stick, i know i will adjust. Weights just under three pounds. Love it!!

Flashlight and Battery pack
Michael Brown (Herrin, US)
Great pieces

Love the flash light and the new skid proof bottom plate.
Great item!!!

Fishing Rod Tube
Brian Sims (Cape Coral, US)
Fishing Attatchment

Do you have any videos on the best way to use the fishing attatchment. As far as storing line in the unit. Thanks

MK II Review

Suggest that you add a removable cover to your pointed concrete/glass break to make it easier to transition from glass break/concrete break tip. Would increase functionality without hassle of unscrewing and swapping walking/smashing tip to blunted walking tip. This is a good product that we could make better. Love it other than my suggestion!!

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
Cecil Shiver (Jacksonville, US)
Extra Security

Solid construction makes you feel safe! Non slip handle oprions is recommended on hot days.

Flashlight and Battery pack
Phillip Fournier (Littleton, US)

My item came in quickly after the order. I used a discount coupon to drop the price a little bit. Will definitely use this item. Light has multiple light settings.

Very well made

Very well made and exactly as describes. Thanks.

Nice tool/walking stick/SD apparatus

Sturdy n good quality. I like it.
I’m short (5’8”) and it’s short for me. One or two additional sections will be perfect but $$.
Blades are nice addition but you’ll need to sharpen them upon arrival. Overall it is a great purchase.

Good piece of gear

All you need is a 1 1/8 rubber leg end they are 1 dollar from the hardware store for a trekking pole. Pop it on the end and you are good to go. No need to give them another 80 bucks.

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
Dennis D (Lakeland, US)
Very solid walking stick.

Very sturdy walking stick. Has many sections that you can add or remove to make different lengths. Also has many accessories that screw into it, knife, saw, etc. It's a little on the heavy side but that makes it very sturdy. I have added a T handle and a rubber tip for the bottom. This should last a lifetime and several more generations.

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
Theresa Hillis (Watertown, US)
Love it but should have gotten a ‘taller’ one

Love it. My only advice is to make sure you look at the length before ordering and order the right height, if you’re looking to use it for a walking stick. The attachments are wonderful. Love the weight. But I dorked out and didn’t get the right size so had to add another attachment. Bad on me. However, service is great, the staff let me know there was a military discount (YAY) and my attachment is on its way so I’ll soon have the right size. I’ll be ordering the shovel once we get closer to winter.

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
Raymond Metzger Jr. (New York, US)
The Amazing Walking Stick

I have been seeing this being advertised for quite some time and I kept saying I would love to have one but the price. It made me think okay is this stick well made or not.
So one day I said heck with it I’m ordering one and let me tell you. I was totally blown away this walking stick is amazing. I’m in the process of buying the other attachments and I truly hope that they keep making more.
February 3rd of 2016 was the worst day of my life, that was the day that my son took his life. Fast forward five years later, I was totally devastated by losing my son. So on February 12th of 2021 I tried to take my life also. I woke up in the hospital after multiple surgeries and realized that I was still alive.
That was the day that I decided I was going back to work and going to try and tell people that life is so precious and not to take things for granted.
I have wanted one of these sticks for a while now and I finally have one. I think this is going to be awesome because I want to get back into nature and walking the unbeaten trail and enjoy life itself.

Great flashlight!

Great flashlight! Fairly bright and useful while walking in the late afternoon/early evening. Wish it had a battery level indicator to gage battery charge. Like the white rubber cap. Use it with the flashing mode while walking in the late afternoon to be more visible and to improve safety. Acts as a safety beacon. Highly visible.

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
Customer (Staten Island, US)

Love the product. I want to purchase other sections to add to my current setup.

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
JOSEPH G SUSAN JR (New Brunswick, US)

The ability for me to vary the length based on necessity is outstanding. The multiple tool options are as well. I will get a lot of use out of this prior to needing a walking stick

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
Joseph Rivera (Glendale, US)

Very well made!! Great stick!!

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
Clarence Fuller (Chicago, US)
"Thy rod and Thy staff shell comfort me"

I really like my stick!

Individual Tube with Paracord
Mitch Stewart (Conyers, US)
Just as presented!

My son sent me a link for his birthday and said “need”. Well he has it now and is very happy with it. Now for the extras.

Waiting on the rest of it…

Ordered the longer version. Upon receiving the stick, ZERO tools (extra attachments) came with it, w/ exception of each end (glass break / floor piece).

I made notification via email. Will advise on how long it takes for customer service to make it right.

PS: was also certain I had added some type of leather wrap for the top, but not 100%. Working on validating that next.

To be continued…

Hey there, all the tools are actually hidden inside the stick. On the tube handle ends you should see a mini tool icon. This section is unscrewable and will reveal the tool head!